Interior Design

Our Interior Design Services

Discover the perfect fusion of modern aesthetics and timeless design at AiY HOME. As a premier modern furniture store, manufacturer, design firm, and interior design company, we are dedicated to creating spaces that exude elegance, sophistication, and functionality.

Design Philosophy

AiY HOME is a full service interior design studio specializing in residential design on all levels from new construction, finish selections, furnishings and remodeling. Our goal is to have your home tell your story and we are here to help you.

Design Approach

Our design approach is concept driven based on your vision and your goals.  We will discuss your budget and put an estimated plan together to complete your project.  The possibilities for the design of an interior are unlimited.  

Enclosed are brief descriptions of the services that are involved for interior design. Browse our portfolio to view finished projects or contact us. We are a one stop design firm with connections to trusted builders, contractors, custom millworkers and architects that can help regardless of the scope of work needed.

Color Theory

As our name would suggest, the designer behind AiY HOME provides in-depth color theory services. Colors can be used to make a space unique, bring life to a room, or foster a certain emotion in a room’s inhabitants. Our interior designer uses the psychology of color to achieve what each space requires.

Concept Development And Conceptualization

We’ll transform your concept into a living space. If you need a concept, our designers will collaborate and create one for you. We work with you to find your favorite colors, textures, and forms and then incorporate them into a beautiful space. In addition, we also have our designer if you desire to create a sustainable space.

Space Planning

Our team of designers work to achieve the goals needed in creating unique spaces. We gather information to develop a floor plan. We then work closely with our clients to find materials that break the barrier of customary spaces and create a beautiful environment.

Fee Structures

AiY HOME offers per square foot rates based upon your needs as well as extend trade discounts to our clients. We offer a full scope of services to meet your design goals and expectations. For more information regarding your project please send us your information on our contact page.